Everything started in Prague in 2009 when several artists from different fields moved into one house. We called this house a Porno Villa (because of its dodgy past) and all of us got an I LOVE PORNO stamp tattooed on our butts. As a symbol of living our lives in the same way.

All the time we were creating something new. All together, as well as individually. For example, our stop-motion animation LIFE IN PORNO VILLA was created back in 2010 by artists DIAN and KACER and shot by KARKYS:

Its second part “LIFE IS PORNO 4D” was released on August 22nd, 2012 when our brand launched officially:

Our streetartist Dian keeps creating a series of mural art animations all over the world. For example the Life is Porno Elephant in Warsaw (Chmielna street 33):

Another piece of Dian’s street art animation in Bratislava in cooperation with RCLS crew:

Or the Brooklyn Bullshit Elephant in New York City:

Enter the Life is Porno social world: