Life is Porno NATURE Design Contest

Create a design that can become part of our collection!
Do you have a potential we don’t know about yet? Show us!
DEADLINE: 5.5.2020


What about nature? What about Life is Porno? What does nature have to do with Life is Porno? The brief is to turn words „Life is Porno” into natural design. Into something that can become part of our future collection. Can you express it in a design that someone would wear?


Graphic designers, illustrators, animators, photographers… Whoever creative.
@colorsbydian & @tinoforbidden (they are the heads, hearts,
souls and colors of Life is Porno brand)


MORE INFO: Your design will go to the collection, your name to the newspaper, and let’s see what happens next. It can also be a way to start long-term cooperation and you can be involved in our future projects.
Ok, just kiddin’:
2. Upload your design to stories & use @lifeisporno x #lifeispornonature
3. Send us the final to the DMs.
4. Remember that design should be connected with nature. Leaves, sky, flowers, trees, deers drinking the rainbow, it’s up to you.
5. You can post even every day if you’re too creative.
Nothing more, nothing less.
And remember, Life is Porno!


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