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Volume: 33 Litres
Reflex and flex.
Embroidered Life is Porno branding.
Tightly padded back with ventilation.
Straps over the hips and chest.
Life is Porno branded velcro straps.
Stripping at the sides for ultra-fit-and-slim variation.
Notebook pocket.
Side pockets as drink holders.
Technical materials

Even if your weekend ride lasts longer than expected, Life is Porno Weekend Backpack will always have your back.
Large main pocket hides a system of inner pockets. Two outer net bottle pockets and a secret laptop sleeve - perhaps only a pickpocket has more pockets. The firmly padded back and pillows are strategically placed on the back so your back doesn’t hurt from a long trip. And if you load way too much, we’ve got you with the chest and waist straps.
And the best in the end? Life is Porno Velcro belts to carry your board. Or your girlfriend.

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