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Tie-dye is characterized by the use of bright, vibrant colours and bold patterns. In the early 1970s, this style became popular, particularly among the Hippie movement, and its psychedelic form became a symbol of peace and freedom. Or at least that's how it's written on Wikipedia.

Our hippie tie-dye shirts symbolize not only peace and freedom but also a couple more things. You'll find these symbols multiple times on the front, back, and sleeve.

Each shirt with a pattern is slightly different and available in three variations: orange, blue, or purple. So you can choose according to your taste and share peace and love for our brand with others. It is made with the "dip wash tie dye" method.

100 % Cotton 210 gsm

The rapper in the photo is 185 cm tall and wears size XL 

€37,04 EUR
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