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Infi Torem is a Mutant who survived the apocalypse, and the only clothing left on the planet is in his wardrobe. That's why he is destined to dress the entire world.

The collaboration with Life is Porno is a necessary step on this mission.

With the storytelling brand Infi Torem, we are releasing a black handmade button-up shirt from Life is Porno with a hand-painted Mutant Infi Torem on the back.

The shirt is made from heavyweight cotton materials, and the cut is crafted to perfection to make you look great. White stitching and buttons give the shirt a distinctive and professional appearance. On the other hand, the colors on the back, show everyone that you're not afraid to be different.

PS: There is also a limited edition T-shirt full of flames and coffee chocolate, which is what Infi Torem is famous for.

€137,92 EUR
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