{ "item_name": "NIGHT PANTS", "item_id": "48612492968262", "price": "88.58", "item_brand": "Life is Porno Shop", "item_category": "Pants", "item_variant": "S", "quantity": "1", "currency": "CZK" }


Not even the most unfavorable weather will stop you in Night pants. Although others may ask you where you got them from.

The fluffy fur will provide you with comfort just like at home on the couch. The Life is Porno print all around adds to the look.

You'll have plenty to carry in the pockets, as you'll find them on the sides, on the knees, and on the back. They all have zippers so that nothing accidentally falls out.

The pants have drawstrings for tightening and can also be tightened at the bottom with an elastic band.

We're using faux fur, don't worry.

€88,58 EUR
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