Forbidden Spot is the home of Life is Porno in Prague. What will you find in it? First of all, it is our showroom and shop at the same time. The specific Dirty is the new Clean design for us was designed by our artist Dian, who is also the co-founder of our label. You can often buy exclusive things here that are not for sale online.

A black and white gallery is created on the stairs. It is already "signed" by more than forty artists, and new ones are still coming.



Forbidden Spot
Milady Horákové 185/104
160 00 Praha 6

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We moved into Forbidden Spot at the beginning of 2018. Our original space was also pretty crazy. Are you interested in what he looked like and what was going on there? Read more...

The original Forbidden Spot

In 2016, we opened Forbidden Spot in the Holešovice Art District in Prague. Such a new Porno Villa, where we didn't live, but still created here most of the time. In short, it was our living room.

There was a gallery to be found in the huge space - the most colorful gallery in the world. Many of the artists we work with have left their mark here. Street artists, writers, illustrators...


But the Spot was not only a gallery. There was also a co-working space on 1400 square meters, but in our spirit. Something like an "external home office", where you could get stuck on work, for example, in a water bed.

Forbidden Spot

We tried to do things differently here and invite interesting people from around the world. For example, skate exhibitions with world riders before the Mystic Skate Cup...

Lukyn Wagentner photo Mystic Warm up

Or qualifying for the Octogon Battle in New York with dancers from all over Europe:


We also hosted the first European Barber battle. The jury included celebrity barbers Vince The Barber and Julius Caesar from Gray Matter L.A.


But we also organized our own exhibitions here. Perhaps an exhibition of snapbacks:


Or an exhibition of hats with the London designer BySju:


We cannot forget the stickers gallery. Thousands of artists and brands from all over the world had their label here. You could easily spend an hour on the toilet.



The White Room was also part of the Forbidden Spot. Brainstorming, workshops, meetings...