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The limited edition foodie t-shirts are back.

Chef Richard Bielik served us "Life is Porno" on a plate so you can enjoy the food on your T-shirt. And the recipe on the back.

The design is cooked from 30g of shallots, 5g of garlic, 30g of butter, 130g of cream, milk, bryndza cheese, 6g of salt, 100g of white chocolate, 70g of cocoa butter, 100g of bacon, 300g of apricots, 300g of sugar, star anise, 50g of hazelnuts, 200g of chives, 150g of oil, 5 red onions, 200g of wine vinegar, and agar.

The rubber logo "I Love Porno" and the recipe are on the back. Enjoy your meal.

210 gsm 100% cotton

The model in the photo is 179 cm tall and is wearing a size M

919 Kč
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