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Creativity uniform for anti-uniformity art. If your job is not just a job, it can easily become a piece of art.
Chef's apron in Life is Porno swag, which will make any job a proper ride. Whether you are a barber, hairdresser, painter, sculptor, bartender, tattoo artist or housewife who jumps over a fence for a feather, Life is Porno apron should definitely not be missing in your life.
If you are tempted to wear a Chef's apron as a dress, watch out for your back.
Life is Porno!

Binding behind the back.
You can wear it around your neck or fold the apron in half.
Pockets on the front and rubber bands for everything you need to have under control.
Art message print on the right pocket.
Life is Porno vignette.
100% cotton
Wash cold 30°

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