{ "item_name": "ILLEGAL HOODIE 2.0: BLACK", "item_id": "48584755446086", "price": "2432.0", "item_brand": "Life is Porno Shop", "item_category": "Sweatshirt", "item_variant": "S", "quantity": "1", "currency": "CZK" }


All-black classic with an original logo. 

 With the Illegal hoodie, you'll be incognito day and night. But beware of Illegal activities, everyone will remember you with the invisible 'Life is Porno' inscription on the front and back.  

 In addition to our original stitched logo, you'll find additional 3D embroideries all around. The hoodie has a kangaroo pocket with a zip closure on the inside. Yes, you are welcome!

 100 % Cotton 540 gsm 

 PS: Add the Illegal Sweatpants, and you'll see what a comfort zone is, even outside of it. 

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