{ "item_name": "ILP KEY CHAIN", "item_id": "46473757819206", "price": "191.0", "item_brand": "Life is Porno Shop", "item_category": "Accessories", "item_variant": "Default Title", "quantity": "1", "currency": "CZK" }


Size: 36 x 36 mm

Metal I Love Porno key chain.
These little accessories make an overall impression and mainly make you happy not only for you, but also for others.
Buy for yourself or for anyone you want to make happy, because you don't have to put the chain only on the keys, but on the backpack, on the trouser loop, … other ideas are up to you.
The idea of buying two chains, like your girl's earrings, you better get out of your head.

191 Kč