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Introducing the second colorway of our LIFE sneakers! We fine-tuned the details, used even higher-quality leather, and improved the shape for your comfort and maximum style. 

The base of the sneakers is in cream white color, which contrasts perfectly with the golden elements. Besides the golden tag, which is a standout feature, you'll notice other interesting details, such as star-shaped perforations, reflective 3M stripes, and a 3D rubber emblem on the back. 

A smaller but essential detail is the precise stitching on the back. It ensures stability and reinforces the shoe's construction around the ankle. There is a golden Life is Porno logo on the tongue and epic graphic insoles in yellow and grey color for the final touch. 

The overall design creates a shoe, that you can take to the streets and confidently walk on the red carpet straight after. That’s because, with LIFE white sneakers, you can become a rising star with just one step. 

PS: This pair is extra clean. Take care of it, so it stays that way.

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