{ "item_name": "LIP TANK TOP: BLACK", "item_id": "46900060520774", "price": "666.0", "item_brand": "Life is Porno Shop", "item_category": "T-shirt", "item_variant": "S", "quantity": "1", "currency": "CZK" }


A good old tank top will not disappoint you, even on the hottest days. When it's colder, you can wear it under a t-shirt tucked into your pants so you don't catch a cold.

The embroidered logo on the front in a contrasting red colour gives the tank top a special touch. On the back, you will find I Love Porno embroidery.

The tank top fits perfectly on the body and is made of quality materials with our own cut.

100% Cotton

The rapper in the photo is 185 cm tall and wears size L 

666 Kč