{ "item_name": "LIQUID JUNGLE SOX: YELLOW", "item_id": "46473970876742", "price": "333.0", "item_brand": "Life is Porno Shop", "item_category": "Socks", "item_variant": "36-38", "quantity": "1", "currency": "CZK" }


The new sox are so crazy that you'll jump from tree to tree like Mowgli. Just be careful not to get dizzy from all the colours and neons.
Thanks to their ideal weight, you'll feel just right in them even on warmer days. The padding on the bottom and the reinforced ankle will protect your feet whether you're skateporning or dancing at a party.
You can choose from five different colour variants. When you combine them with your outfit, you'll be the king of the jungle, literally.

68 % cotton, 29 % polyamide, 3 % elastane

333 Kč
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