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Embroidered circular logo Life is Porno on the front.
Six panels of the most selected color tones.
Bend it or leave it.
Embroidered: The Forbidden street culture on the right back, I Love Porno on the left back.
Velcro fastening with LIP icons.
Warning: Watch your cap when you party hard. It may disappear.
100% cotton

D(e)ad cap is exactly the shape of the cap that you never know if it suits you or your dad better. Each cap is composed of six Pantone-like panels. If these tones had a sound, it would be a finished symphony.
The Pantone D(e)ad cap is fit-friendly to almost any head shape. The strap is solved with velcro and includes instructions icons for (not) using.
Pantone D(e)ad cap is great for both nature and the streets.

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