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Life is Porno logo on the chest.
Colors on the right sleeve.
“With love for water” on the back.
100% lycra
Making your clothes dirty since 2012.
Drink more water.
Designed by Life is Porno in Prague.

With love for water.
Wake, surf, or a wakesurf? Elastic rash T-shirt made from lycra. Built for all the lovers of water, surfing, wakeboarding, boats, jetskis, and all kinds of water-related activities. Rash Surf Tee looks on fire in water and on land. But you better sunbathe in a swimsuit.
An ideal partner to stop surfing the Internet and to start surfing the waves. The colourful sleeve sticks our from under the vest. Plus we heard something about Rash Surf Tees making bodies even more beautiful.

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