{ "item_name": "WINDBREAKER LIP CAMO: GREEN", "item_id": "46473441575238", "price": "595.0", "item_brand": "Forbidden Life", "item_category": "Sweatshirt", "item_variant": "S", "quantity": "1", "currency": "CZK" }


Hooded jacket.
Life is Porno branding all over the jacket.
Pulling on the rubber band at the neck.
Tightening rubber at the waist.
Embroidered Life is Porno on the left breast.
Embroidered I Love Porno logo on the back.
Dry clean
Don’t ever iron directly
And make sure your Life is Porno
COLOR: Green
Material: 100% polyester

Army drop from a peace-loving label.
Fold and hide in a pocket or backpack, or wear it like a boss.

As usual, WINDBREAKERS are packable. With the WINDBREAKER jacket you can play as needed. Hype your outfit, use it as a pillow during long journeys or just stand and like the allover print, which is carried in the spirit of the porno army branding.
WARNING: Life is Porno came will not make you invisible.
#musthave for chilli summer days.

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